The Mercedes 0415 G

My mum trying to find how the door closes from the outside.

Me behind the wheel of this two-piece bus.

From the outside. Note, these are not two buses parked behind eachother.

The inside of the 18.5m two-piece bus.

A Berkhof Coach, in rural service.

I've not been able to identify the silver object in front of the camera. If you have any idea what it is, please mail me. No, it's not a parking meter.

The inside of this coach.

C'est moi.

The Berkhof coach next to an Integro.

Integro front with Interlinter colours. This variation on the integro has airconditioning for passengers too and is used for speedservices only.

The Mercedes Integro (12m). The flagship of Connexxion.

The inside of the Integro

An integro on our driveway

From across the street...

From inside the house..

We hid it behind the tree..

*Find the Integro*

The Dashboard of an Integro. Note the red button. Must be the eject.

The BIG windshield of the Integro. Me sitting behind it :)

A Daf Standard Bus, or SB. There are a lot of these here. Old bus, but not that old.. And look, there's my mum!

Same bus, different driver. The steering wheel of this bus was a bit loose... very disturbing.

This is an SB in Tempo-Team colours, it's called the Tempo-bus, although it's not that fast...

My parents..

My dad...

Canadian Citybus in Montreal. Kind of looks like the Den Oudsten/Alliance, with strange headlights though..

From closer up..

An older Montreal City bus.

Closer yet..

The rural service bus around Montreal.

The inside of this bus.

A Canadian KLM coach.

From a better angle.

The Den Oudsten/Iveco

Den Oudsten/Iveco seen from the inside

front of the Iveco next to an Integro

My mum behind the wheel of the Iveco

Iveco seen from the rear

The Canadian citybus reminded me of this bus, can you see why?

The Iveco is one of Connexxion's finest, most busdrivers love it.

Same bus, different colours, different engine. This one has a Daf engine.

The dash of the Iveco.

An "Old barrel". This particular old bus is the 9830, while normally the serial number of these buses begin with 35.

There are still quite some of these around.

This is a Berkhof/Daf bus, the 2290. These buses are basically the new SB's, but better, more comfortable for the drivers and passengers.

Front of the 2290.

This is quite an exclusive shot, you might not be able to make it out. It's the roof of the Berkhof.

And the inside of the 2290. That's my sis.

The 2490 is an "Alliance", if someone could tell me what this means, exactly, I would be grateful. I would guess it means it's a Den Oudsten body on a Daf chassis, as there is also another bus that's called "Alliance"; the 1302, which also has these features.

Another picture of the 2490. These Alliances are about the same quality of the Mercedes Integro buses. A lot of busdrivers will even tell you it's better, others stick with the Integro, though. (The 1302 is standing behind the 2490 in this picture, note the difference of the filmstrip but don't be distracted by the different colour).

The inside of the 2490, seen from the front facing the back.

Some of the older buses that are only used for special occasions.

The new 8100 series bus.

This is the 8129 low floor bus. They have tiny wheels, it's silly. They're almost made entirely out of plastic. The information on the film of this bus is not possible, as line 6 is a tram, but we felt like being a tram so we put line 6 up there.

The 7791 two-piece

An older brother of the 7838 and 7840. Same bus basically, just build earlier. Seats in backpart aren't as comfortable and it's still in the old colours. Other than that, it's also a Mercedes 405G.

Citaro 2 piece

I took this picture in London, on the Victoria busstation. Very nice bus!

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