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A train shaped like a dog's head. Very common in Holland.

Eline, my sis, in the cab of this train.

close up of the dashboard. The engineer told me not to touch the steering wheel when I made this photo.

The Koploper. Note the high position of the engineer.

This is for when two of these trains are coupled to eachother, it's possible for the passengers to walk between both trains while it's going.

Here are two Koplopers coupled together.

The back of the train (or the other front).

The Koploper cab, way up high.

A Koploper next to a Regiorunner, the new Dutch Double-deck trains.

The front of the regiorunner up close

The door to the cab is open... don't mind me asking but..

Can I please take a picture of the inside of the cab? Yes? Why thank you.

Regiorunner leaving the station.

Regiorunner entering the station.

I was wandering on the trainstation behind my school when the Thalys came rolling in.

Now there's something impressive when you're bored!

It's December now and very cold, but the Thalys is still going.

The sharp nose of the Thalys with the mean-looking headlight units.

For the die-hards, I made a desktop picture out of the last picture. 1024x768... enjoy

The Thalys nose again, from a bit further away.

And it sped off again, in the direction of Amsterdam Central Station and Schiphol.

The newer Thalys locomotive. It has a very aerodynamic bullethead shape.

I took this picture in London, in Victoria station. This train took me from Gatwick airport to Victoria in half an hour. I think it's a very stylish train, comes from the same manufacturer that produces the TGV, Thalys and Eurostar trains, among others.