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I flew in this type of aircraft on my way and on my way back to/from England. This picture was taken at Gatwick Airport


I saw the new Bond movie in a completely empty Theatre. I had it all to myself! nice :) I sincerely hope some women regret not coming to see me while reading this.

Diplodocus Skeleton

While I was in England, I visited the Natural history museum in London. This huge skeleton stands waiting for you at the entrance of the museum.

Little predators

I forgot their names...

baby dinosaurs

More baby dinosaurs

Close up


A big predator skull, I assume that of a Tyranosaurus-rex and that of a triceratops.


This is a moving scene, very new and very realistic!

More T-rex

This big head lurks somewhere in the museum

Another triceratops skull


In the creepy crawlies section of the museum



Lots of stuffed animals

Blue whale

biggest whale on earth, with Maxim on the foreground

Blue whale

from the side..

Blue whale

Me stretching as far as I can, demonstrating the size of this whale!

Blue whale

In perspective: what I couldn't reach.

Mercedes SLK and Porsche 911 Carrera 4

Lots of pretty cars in London, the English are car freaks! It's cool though.


The daughter of my cousin.. uhmm what would that be? Isn't she cute though, with her little baby.


It wasn't easy taking a picture of him, as he knew exactly how my digital cam works and wanted to see the little preview window all the time.


A little grey kitten, one of the sweetest cats I know.


Kittens like to play!


Time to fly back. With this plane.


This is the wing as it normally is. The plane is still at Gatwick.

Extended wing

This is the wing whith all flaps and brakes fully extended. It's about twice its normal size! We just touched down on Schiphol here.


Behind the clouds, there is sunshine. I have seen it! This picture proves it.


Seen from the other side.